Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are Moving!!!

This is both a sad and happy post!  Sad because this is the last post on this blog but the happy news is that we are moving to a new site under a new name with a new purpose, with out further ado can  I now introduce you  to DA Da DAh (fanfare)
this is so exciting!, a new adventure full of fun.

Thanks for following,  happy crafting and see you at

Monday, October 3, 2011

A great weekend!

Hello to all you fabulous crafters that i met over the brilliant weekend in Athlone at the GBCE (thank you Kerri for organising it yet again!).
We are still in Athlone as while we were busy with classes, cards and demos my sister and her four year old were busy entertaining our three year old so we stayed over and gave her the night off. So at the moment i am blogging while i have two boys noisily playing fire man Sam around the floor of the kitchen.
We will shorthly be leaving for home in Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo to collect our two westie dogs and unpack all the left over goodies from the weekend (as well as some I picked up from the other, although I ran out of time to do a proper shop).

A big thank you for all the words of encouragement and support that you gave us over the weekend and after.  Anne, Mike and myself had a great weekend and even though we are wrecked it's a happy wrecked from the great buzz that all of you very creative people generated at the show. 

In a couple of days we will be switching  our blog over to the new site but in the mean time check back for some pics.

We will also be contacting the lucky winner of our draw (we had great fun doing it yesterday) so watch this space!!

Chat again soon and thanks for stopping by,
Happy crafting

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 11th

As you all know it was the10th anniversary of Sept 11 yesterday and I would say that everyone, like myself, was thinking back to where they were when it happened.  I was on the Italian / French border in a little craft shop when the shop keeper showed me the tail end of an Italian news broadcast on a tiny portable tv.  I came away thinking there had been a horrific plane crash at JFK airport, I only found out the terrible truth later.
The whole world changed that day.

'To get through the hardest journey, we need only take one step at a time;
but we must keep on stepping'

Keep stepping.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another 'Pretty in Pink Card'

Hi again from the West of Ireland, South County Mayo to be exact:  It's a beautiful morning here, I am sitting at my kitchen table with the sun shining in; and yes for those doubting thomas's, the sun does shine in Ireland - I might even do a weather report everyday to prove it LOL!!

On another note my little boy started Naoinra (gaelic name for playschool, pronounced neen-a-ra / neen-ra) yesterday and ran the whole way in.  I think I was the only mother who was left behind, feeling very unloved and unneeded, Boo Hoo! But it was great to see him so happy and content playing with his friends.  He had a big 'sl├ín' (pronounced slawn; gaelic for goodbye) and off he went - a scrapbook pag. e in the making!!

I have another pretty in pink card (last of my trio) to show today and I am also going to enter it into the challenges below.

Thanks for dropping by and have a sunny Day
Cathy x

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty in Pink Cards!

I don't know where you are living but if you are like me and living  in the very beautiful west of Ireland you will be a little fed up today.  It started off a lovely morning, so much so that I hung out a line of washing to dry, when two hours later i had to brave the wind and the driving rain to take them in and hang them on the clotheshorse ( why do we bother with clothes lines - I will have to take a leaf out of an american friend of mine's book and start using the dryer!)

Anyway, it hasn't stopped raining all day so I decided to buck the trend and blog about the weather only joking;  so 'pretty in pink' cards it is!
I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by a very very talented lady,  Dyan Reavley a couple of years ago (have been a fan ever since) and I was introduced to Blonde Moments and instantly loved their Sugar Dumpling collection  and have been stocking it ever since. I made these cards using that collection and stamps and embossing powders, as well as some other products from our store;

Thanks for dropping by and great if you leave a comment,
chat tomorrow

Friday, September 2, 2011

I love Butterflies!

I am coming to the end of my thursday, the first day of Sept (can you believe it's September already!!  I am winding down and am just going to post some pics of some cards I made while crafting into the early wee hours of the morning this morning.  Got together with my crafting buddy Anne last night and started off with a specific plan in mind and ended up doing something completely different which is not unusual for me, I tend to jump from one different project to another depending on where my creativity brings me (which is probably why I have a few unfinished items on my shelves - ready to be picked up for the next creative step).  Anyway, i started out with a scrapbook album and ended up making some cards (pics below - also entered into this week's paperplay challenge and the challenge at using some stash I had in my tote bag and I also did some sketches for a project that I have in mind.

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.
Happy Crafting, Cathy

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CHA pictures

Another fine dry day here in South Mayo, I went for a lovely walk in Tourmakeady Woods this morning with my three year old pirate (busy looking for treasure under every tree root), his two pirate buddies and their Mommy.  We had a lovely picnic at the waterfall and lots of buried treasure to bring home with us.  Having a crafting night tonight (yippee!!) so will have some pics to show tomorrow.
For now I am posting some I took at the CHA show in Chicago in July at the Clear Scraps stall and it will give you an idea of the kind of kit that is in the christmas scrapbook album (sneak peak will follow at end of the week, I promise).

Happy viewing and thanks for stopping by