Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogger again!

Well after too long an absence I am back on the blog scene, the summer was just hectic and my blogging fun had to wait.
I have to admit it feels a bit strange blogging again, I forgot that it seems like I am talking to my lab top, I feel a little like the Will Smith character from 'I am Legend', I wonder will verbal communictaion change as a result of the computer age?
Crikey! I definatley need to blog some more.
Back to the real; I ran some summer camps and demos over the summer and won't be able to post up all the pics but here are two which I think deserve some recongnition. They are the efforts of a first year and a fifth year student (sisters - talented family) studying art and we had great fun working on them for the week (along with nine 4-6 year olds!)
My favourite time of the year is on it's way, Autumn. I absolutley love Autumn, the bright dry days with a slight nip in the air that makes your cheeks glow. The colours are just fab and the crisp fresh earthy smell always makes me bubble over with the joys of life. Needless to say my fav thing to do is go for a brisk walk in my local woods on a bright Autumn day. But the main reason I love Autumn is that it is the harbringer of (you guessed it) - Christmas!! Yippee!!! I am one of the lunatics that LOve love love (with bells on top) Christmas!
So at the GBC (Great Big Craft Extravaganza) this year I am skipping ahead to the festive seaon and giving a workshop on a christmas mini book (watch this space for sneak previews.)
Go to go for now my two year old has just waltzed into the kitchen looking for porridge!!
Happy days and Happy crafting!

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